Hey folks! Due to life, Merceneiress may not be able to update as frequently as I’d like (or not at all for a while).  May not have any updates for 1-2 months (really depends on how life goes).  During this time I’ll be thinking about what happens next — the story of Rennie and Torel is coming to a close and one dilemma is whether Rennie should accept Torgi and as a partner for future adventures?  Or would it be more likely that even as a cute puppy, Torel would just be too traumatic and distressful for her.  Maybe he can be Tirin’s new partner?  Or they both reject Torgi and Sariel finds other ways to use him?   Several storylines have been floating around — one involves Tirin establishing a weapons store with a subplot that she and Billy have broken up and we find out who Billy hooked up with (and why hooking up with her wasn’t such a good idea).  Another storyline is the realization that time anomalies still need correcting and Rennie (and ?Torgi) are offered the job, but this may become too much like previous storyline and too Dr. Whoish and I’ve been thinking of moving away from time stuff.  Anyways, I’ll stop rambling — sorry for the hiatus — but if you have any thoughts or opinions, please feel free to comment!  I have asked for your opinion on turning points in the story in the past and I have valued all of your opinions!