Chapter 20, page 24 – Lord Durminat

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 20, page 24 – Lord Durminat

  1. From the appearance of Lord Durminat, it’s rather obvious the old beauty and immortality at the expense of others ploy is in action. When the girls are destroying these warriors, you ought to have Yorik die first. That way Troshar can make the comment, ‘Alas, poor Yorik!’ I’ll just let myself out now…

    1. I considered “Yorik” to be a bit of bait, an appetizer for the main course.

    2. Haha! Agree!

  2. Don’t know why I just saw this, but looking at the Web Site image at the top of the page, it looked to me like Tyrin was brushing her hair. Then I realized “that’s an automatic, not a brush.” D’oh!

    1. It does look like she’s brushing her hair at first glance, glad you saw what the brush really was.

  3. Are they talking across the centuries through the time gate, or is our glazed scorpion queen in the present moment? Maybe she was in the same graduating class as Flin and Salock at AVaLon, the Academy of Vampiric Longevity?

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