Chapter 1: Opportunity Loss

12 thoughts on “Chapter 1: Opportunity Loss

  1. What happened to the old site?

    1. My subscription to Smackjeeves website hosting plan was “terminated.” This happened to many webcomic creators there. They are no longer offering custom URLs and templates. They are creating a whole new site and mobile app for reading comics. Each comic will have a new comic profile to provide “easier navigation.” They will be “introducing coins which will be used to purchase exclusive comic titles.” I was a bit blindsided by this (I think many were). So I decided to get the hell out and move Merceneiress elsewhere. I am relearning how to build my own website with WordPress with a different host (Dreamhost). Bear with me. I literally spent the last couple of days trying to figure this stuff out. Slowly but surely, I will upload the entire archive of Merceneiress and then continue the story…sigh…tired.

      1. I am glad you are back up and running… there have been several other comics I had been reading that just “went away” mid plot line like this one seemed to have done. thank you for finding a way to come back. Word Press is a good choice as the ones that I have been reading for years now are still around and growing so welcome to the press hahaha.

    2. Not a problem, you should know me by: been here for long enough, you are stuck with me đŸ˜›
      Was just wondering as “YAFGC” seems to be in a similar state

      Did see something about Smackjeeves no longer hosting when this started, didn’t really pay that much attention

  2. So sorry to hear that you have been smacked in the Jeeves. We will all wait patiently for the next installment. Well, I will.

  3. Well, that is a real kick in the gonads. I have faithfully followed Tirin’s story since 2009 and was very pleased by its continuation. To have it suddenly end is a bit much. I wish you luck with this version of the story.

    1. Umm, this is the original story, no changes, it’s just being re-posted

  4. we will all enjoy the reruns as you repost the whole nine yards- and drop a few “f”bpmbs SmackJeeves way- the new setup there sucks ….

  5. Would be nice if you could backdate the content.

    1. Hi. Thanks for your comment. Just so I understand—how does backdating help? For RSS readers?

  6. Glad I missed all this drama. Obviously, SmackJeeves sucks. Really enjoying the strip.

    1. Unfortunately I am getting feedback from WordPress users that WordPress is doing a similarly Netflixy thing of “offering new features” “to better serve our customers” by, in fact, taking away features unless you pay them more.
      Source:, January 12 this year.

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