Chapter 1, page 1 – homeschool flashback

4 thoughts on “Chapter 1, page 1 – homeschool flashback

  1. This, is actually page 2, page 1 is where Samson walks up to Lil Tir holding the weapon, leading in to panel one (it was here the other day, can remember seeing it)

    1. You’re absolutely right. I’ve corrected it — thank you for catching this! The next page is a combo of page 2 and 3 actually (I just couldn’t bear to manually change every single image for each upcoming page so I cheated a little).

    2. There we go 🙂
      Understandable about not wanting to mess too much this early on, already stressing enough having to re-upload everything and learn how to make the site

      Hopefully the other regulars will be back soon, and maybe even get some new readers 🙂

    3. Pages 3 and 4 might have made a better combo, POO

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