Merceneiress is a free webcomic about an ex-intergalactic agent-turned-mercenary named Tirin who was hired to rescue the kidnapped son of the Emperor of the Universe.  The comic has been running for more than 10 years despite a hiatus hiccup in 2014.  I do have a day job, so I try to work on Merceneiress after hours.  I set a goal of one page per week, which I have been able to maintain so far.

This comic is made using beautiful CG models found on sites like and It can be quite an expensive hobby using these models to make a free webcomic, but what-the-heck, I like doing it, and if you like reading my work, then that’s even better!

If you like Merceneiress and wish to support it, you can do so in a couple of ways. One is to vote for Merceneiress on Voting gives you access to an incentive picture that I try to update monthly. Votes increase Merceneiress’s rank, ultimately exposing it to new readers who will hopefully enjoy the story too.

If you’d like to donate money you can become a patron and get monthly rewards or visit the Merceneiress Store where you can buy various digital downloads using Paypal.

Thank you for stopping by and reading Merceneiress.  Any comments you may have are greatly appreciated!