Chapter 24, page 16 – Betty should fight naked

The next few weeks will likely see pages with fewer panels due to some time constraints in my work schedule (sorry about that) --- hopefully I don't miss any weeks.  Had to pause Patreon rewards because of this, but wanted to try to still keep updating Merceneiress weekly.  Thanks for bearing with me and thanks for reading, voting and commenting!!

12 thoughts on “Chapter 24, page 16 – Betty should fight naked

  1. Maybe instead, go ahead and fix the droid, then have it take on Horns and Grotesque simultaneously to demonstrate the quality of the fix.
    Eric Hines

    1. indeed – we will see what the droid is really for in the near future

  2. Wendy has already said that the droid is currently in the fixed state. It’s possible that as soon as the repair was completed it reported in leading to this chain of events.

    1. Sorry, I changed page 15 last week – i took out the dialogue that the droid is all fixed leaving it a little ambiguous for now

  3. Put your fix-it person in the hospital before the work you need is finished. Who’s the brains of this gang?
    What’s Betty hiding? Twin assault rifles like Doctor Evil’s fembots?
    She better beware of Wendy’s mystery vampire powers. My guess is they’re of the bedroom variety.
    And if you borrow an imperial droid without the proper checkout procedure and accidentally break the silly thing, find a low-rank scapegoat to blame it on! Duh!
    “What are you watching? Whoa! They’re getting nekkid! Send me the stream and I’ll dismiss charges. Hm, that one… I’ve seen her face before…”

    1. 😁

    2. Betty’s got power pasties, with amped up energy supplies.
      Eric Hines

  4. Majesty is there for Eph’s porn stash 😛

    1. 😂

    2. If I recall correctly (pls correct me if I’m wrong) Ephraim has no such interest.

      1. Yeah, but His Madge is too stupid to be there for the right reason (if he was smart, he wouldn’t be there at all: just get his goon squad to haul Eph’s carcass in, preferably in chains, and then show up after the interrogation has at least started)

  5. Just wondering (no reason really), but who is next in line for the Imperial Throne?

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