Chapter 20, page 23 – just one?

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 20, page 23 – just one?

  1. Awww … “just one” 🙁

    Please, show the swords in their full glory on a Vote reward!

    1. You’re absolutely right – the swords are cut off in the last panel — I’ve changed the last panel so you can see the swords a little better

  2. I’m pretty sure Tirin just made a new BFF…

  3. O-Face!

  4. I choose the simple blade. A point and two edges are all I need. Besides, there are two of those intruders; I need to be able to withdraw the blade from the one just stabbed quickly in order to service the other intruder in a timely manner. KISS.
    Regarding Lilain’s injunction, one of the other blades will choose me. Maybe the short one, second from right.
    Eric Hines

    1. Ya, second one from the right is also an option for me. Not too long, not too heavy, but easy to handle.

      Maybe I would also take the pink glowing one – you never know if you need a light source eventually.

      The majority of the selection is just too heavy, either the blade or the grip, or both. Sure, they’re good when it comes to crush something, but they are not delicate enough to cut through a skin seam.

  5. I think I’d like the one on the right. Numbers 1 & 3 from the left look like they’re designed to be wielded from the middle, sort of like my Bat’leth. I have one with a blade similar to #5, that’s long, heavy, and more of a bashing / slashing weapon than a sword. The simple katana appeals to me.

  6. If they’re immune to energy weapons, what about a slug-thrower with armor piercing rounds?

    Just aim for those seams.

    As for the blades, I’d take the Conan style sword in the middle.

  7. Last panel: “My name is Granny Goose…”

  8. i’m with her,, “just ONE.?”
    i fight two weapon combo,. and a ranged weapon (bow) just in case..
    “it is better to have IT, and not need IT, than need it, an not have it.!”

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