Chapter 24, page 15 – settle it the old fashioned way

5/3/24 updated panel 4 with dialogue change to reflect that Wendy fixed the droid

7 thoughts on “Chapter 24, page 15 – settle it the old fashioned way

  1. Sorry Baldie, you don’t have any hair to pull out 😛

  2. And what is considered ‘fair’ in this so-called ‘fair fight’?

    Oh, and horny-guy? Next time someone talks about a secret racial weakness, the correct response is to deny it, otherwise it no longer is a ‘secret’

  3. Big Betty appears to have gotten prettier. At least it appears so, when I can manage to get my eyes to look up. Amazing that a brawler has managed to retain her looks, although I am quite sure their cosmetic surgery techniques are highly advanced.

  4. I seem to be immune to dragonsplague.
    Eric Hines

  5. I wonder how many more … arguments … will be exchanged now.

  6. Betty, in the voice of Danzig on ATHF: “Listen to me as hard as you can.”
    Me: “Ma’am, in that outfit, I don’t think I could get any harder.”

  7. Wait, is Betty’s face made out of humanitaur hide? o_O
    Or is she so use to people aiming further down that that was an automatic reply?

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