Chapter 24, page 14

13 thoughts on “Chapter 24, page 14

  1. Big Betty is not happy

    1. 😁

  2. Looks like the three defenders are losing their SA.
    Eric Hines

    1. Besides, the three seem too willing to waste time and energy on fisticuffs. The solution applied by Indiana Jones, when he encountered a man with a sword, would seem more optimal here.
      Eric Hines

      1. indeed, which is why julie’s got her hands behind her back…oops, didn’t want to reveal anything

        1. Is that the muzzle of a firearm, or is she just happy to see Betty?

  3. Play nice, or your arse will be on ice 😛

    1. that’s a nice rhyme

      1. They would need an iceberg the size that sunk Titanic for Betty 😛

  4. Wendy never said she wouldn’t (or couldn’t) get the bot fixed, just that it would take time

    1. and for a 10% discount, but Tox wants 100%

  5. I still sense the ingredients of an imminent “let’s settle this inside” frolic, with cyber girls saying lines like, “Yeah, but can you do this?” and “Your tongue is so scratchy!” and we hear, “Did you mute me? What’s going on? All I see is the floor!”
    Am I a prisoner of the tropes?

    1. haha -ooh those are great lines

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