Chapter 24, page 13 – this is gonna be a shitshow, eh Bandy?

9 thoughts on “Chapter 24, page 13 – this is gonna be a shitshow, eh Bandy?

  1. Villains hate it when you have a private conversation in the middle of their villaining and ignore them 😛

  2. Seeing the thumbnail of the new invotive, was expecting to see a cyborg Tirin

  3. So much to like here.
    Not a boob guy, and yet I have to stop myself from requesting that Betty stand center page and monolog for the next 50 panels.
    And the menace on the horns guy. Thanks.

  4. This is reminding me of a scene in Dragonball Z where Vedita and tow others are playing rock papers scissors to see who would fight the bad guy

  5. I can’t help but lots of these details are quite funny, in this situation. E.g. the “hello Kitty” logo on the helmet, the motive on the apron, the rose in the skull tattoo, Big Betty’s (whatever it is) tattoo on her venus hill and maybe more I missed.
    Only the horny guy stands out, having no funny things on him.

    As for Big Betty’s biggies … they are big enough to hide something.

    1. Kurm’s navel window is funny.

  6. “Therapy is more important. You can come back tomorrow.”

  7. What are Catman and Rice Bowl going to bring to the party? Hardly seems likely they’re just going to stand around in the background and watch.
    Eric Hines

    1. If they were capable of doing anything, they would have done it already and not created this shitstorm in the first place: he only wants to finish his noodles so he can make a quiet dust-outline when thing start getting uglier than his IQ score

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