Chapter 22, page 3 – you can look, but you better not touch

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 22, page 3 – you can look, but you better not touch


  2. Hmm, imagine how things might have turned out if Loretta was with this girl back then…

    1. Would have made for an interesting fight 😁

      1. Would have been too bad to see those freckles, and other parts of her InteguTone® envelope, burned off, but I suspect Trina still would have won straightforwardly, as especially fired-up as she would have been. Hard to burn metals; even that tech’s circuitry would be hard even to char.
        Trina’s envelope would have been easily replaced.
        Eric Hines

        1. Very true 👍😁

  3. Apparently Merceneiress shares a multiverse with Naruto. Nice Neji model.

    1. heehee, no universe would be complete without it!

  4. She seems quite lickable, er, Likeable.

    1. 😁

    2. Also a bit untouchable. Security seems to get a bit heated when you violate their rules.

  5. What chapter did he meet her in the alley again?

    1. Chapter 20 page 8

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