Chapter 21, page 22 – waystation in the clouds

The gal with the pink hair is Sophie (you first met her in Chapter 15, page 26).  After Chapter 15, Sariel recruited her to be the "wellness facilitator" for the Tirinites.  She's been working with the Tirinites ever since, recently helping Dabney and Sariel to extract Mistress Salock from Tirin's mind (detailed in Patreon).

20 thoughts on “Chapter 21, page 22 – waystation in the clouds

  1. Ya, she worked as one of the emperor’s “secretaries”. It looks like working for the Tirinites is more fun for her and underwear isn’t her thing.

    Neat choice of shirts … the phrases are gold 🙂 . The pink ones on the trolls suit them. Who’s that Anime character?
    Can’t wait to see the shirt the Prince finally chose.

    Speaking of him … he didn’t see much while growing up. “Massage Wand” …

    1. Glad you like the sleep shirts! They were made by talented artists on – LilFlame made the shirt and ShanasSoulmate made the textures.

      1. Ah, created Shirt models.

        I asked because the phrases are often used on real existing shirts so I assumed all shirts are made from real-world originals.

        Thanks for crediting the creators of the shirts; that’s usually important for them.

  2. You have to admit, wearing that “cat suit” is a great way to distract everyone while she subs their memories.
    The prince no doubt had a harem even before he knew what to do with it so unless he likes to watch the ladies “relax” no he wouldn’t.

    1. That’s not a ‘cat suit’, it’s a dressing gown

    2. Exactly, the Prince wouldnt! 😁

  3. Nice to see Mirby again, nicer to see her with such beautiful long hair 🙂

    1. Glad you like her new look!

  4. If Sophie puts on a pair of dark sunglasses, then I’ll feel justified in my singing. The first thing I did when she held that up into the air was start singing, “We are the Men in Black”

    1. Hehehe, that still could happen 🙂 .

    2. Yeah, got the same vibe 🙂

    3. Definitely a tribute to MIB (more on the next page)

  5. For Pete’s sake, show him what a clit is and how it works!

    1. Nah, show him how well it works on the prostate 😛

      1. 😮😂

    2. Even if she showed him he could care less since he is more interested in receiving than giving 😁

  6. Also nice to see that Lemon-drop didn’t do anything nasty to Sophie (and she got a new hairdo after joining the Tirinities 🙂 )
    Unless, doing something nasty to her was how the Tirinites were able to ‘acquire’ her services…

    1. How Sariel acquired Sophie is detailed in the 10$ patreon tier — how she did it was not nasty in the bad sense (if you know what I mean) 😚

      1. No, meant that Lemon-drop did do something nasty, and the Tirinites were safe to remove her from that timeline in the seconds prior to it happening

  7. That “Dressing Gown” makes Sophie look nothin’ but Hot! And who the Fuck is Mirby? Or Lemon drop>

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