Chapter 20, page 21 – All praise Durminat

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 20, page 21 – All praise Durminat

  1. Last panel: desperate expressions?

    1. too desperate or not desperate enough?

      1. More irritated than anything. They’re arrogant and too used to getting their way just for the demanding.
        Eric Hines

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    Before any deals are made, the Trilordians need to explain why everyone is either dead or missing. And why there are rocks on the bridge. And most importantly, does that nail polish come in other colors?!

    I hope they do something clever like set up Jilak Station as an immigration and quarantine facility, get ASS to find a suitable planet, and ask the emperor to grant the Riuthons refugee status.

    The Time Spice Girls might need to get involved to monitor the timeline and the Timegate, and the Saronian sorceresses can keep the existence of Space Red Bull a secret by wiping the prince’s memory. The one demand is no more Space Red Bull.

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      Or maybe the bodyguards outside Tirin’s store and their friends can sell their blood to make the Space Red Bull. Everyone wins!

    2. ooh! I love the way you think!

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