Chapter 23, page 10 – even vampires are sensitive down there

10 thoughts on “Chapter 23, page 10 – even vampires are sensitive down there

  1. I’d say something made of silver got shoved up someone’s brown eye! Stand back ladies, someone is about to go boom.

  2. It looks like his clothes were blown off. Perhaps he has decided that a sexual assault is in order. Reny better find something to use against him quickly.

    1. The center of the explosion is right in the area, plus his junk looks a tiny bit purple and bloated, so I kinda doubt he’s doing that by choice. It would be pretty ironic if it was that shiny “magic wand” in that drawer. “Live by the ‘sword’, die by the ‘sword'” Look at his face, that’s not rage, it’s agony! Red hot poker type…

  3. I doubt the “toy” is silver – chrome plated, yes – silver, not likely. Too bad she wasn’t wearing heavy shoes. Toes bend.

  4. Yeah, looks like we are about to see what his type of vampire looks like… naked!
    And he looked bad enough in his hyu-mon disguise!! 😛

  5. Reny is behind the other two women, going through drawers. That looks more like an actual wooden stake in the last panel; it’s also oddly connected to the vampire to be its personal tool. Although it doesn’t seem to have penetrated, yet.
    Someone else seems to have warped in.
    Eric Hines

    1. Nah, that’s his ‘meat-stake’

  6. Hmm, not sure like the NuDabney, but will wait and give the new actress a chance

  7. Don’t you ladies know that you don’t stop fighting until the enemy can’t fight anymore? A good power kick to the head would have put him out of commission until you figure out how to deal with him permanently.

    As for his clothes being blown off, it looks like a chi blast (or similar) centered on his core. Like he’s winding up for a major beatdown (theirs, not his).

    Fun fun fun!

  8. In summary, author leaves as dazzled what this means and what it can lead to. Kick to the head of the reader, so to say, So, good author.

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