Chapter 23, page 9 – Is that made of silver?

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16 thoughts on “Chapter 23, page 9 – Is that made of silver?

  1. Pick a hole Ren, or make one 🙂

  2. Is… that a double ended butt-plug? o_O

    1. ASS TO ASS

    2. Looks more like a long handled Dildo/vibrator, for getting in there good and deep.

      1. Talking about the black one, clearly butt-plug on one end, not the large Hulk-buster

        1. The shiny one, it looks kind of universal, and beginner sized.

  3. Just a couple slight art-inconsistencies:- for the last couple pages, the bed head-board has been ‘missing’, and… how did ‘Nisho and Ren manage to switch places after Billy Ray Vampo de-gassed and tossed them?
    Was thinking maybe there were two beds, one with and one without head-boards and BRV passed between the girls before reforming and throwing them, but Wendy is still in the same spot and so is the chair
    Not a complaint, just pointing things out (still hoping that that time-stopper Ren clicked will have had some effect 🙂 )

    1. Thank you, Guesticules! I have solved the case of the missing headboard and the Reny Tirinisho switch — I’ve revised pages 7 and 8 (putting the missing headboard back and correctly positioning our heroines so that they could be thrown in the correct direction by Frilengo!)

      1. You are welcome, and this is another reason why you are one of the Great Artists: you don’t take it personal when someone points out something that might be an error, and, if it is, you fix it (even if it means more work (like with redesigning those panels with Reny and Tirinisho: not only repositioning them, but changing the dialogue as well)

        1. 👍

        2. 2nd that.

  4. Ehm … I rarely complain about visual details because the story matters more, but … if Frilengo is a vampire, why does he have a reflection in the mirror (Panel 3)?

    1. Because he is ‘special’ kind of vamp (yes, noticed the reflection as well, but this is something that doesn’t need correcting)

    2. Thank you, H’Sishi – you’re right! Panel 3 corrected (as well as in the two previous pages)

      1. He is a different sort of vampire, possibly only called a ‘vampire’ at all because his race (not from Earth) happen to feed on the blood of other races and species
        Even the vamps from Earth have different ‘rules’ they follow

  5. . . . and the big green one wielded by the other hand as a distraction.

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