Chapter 23, page 8 – kicking the mist

12 thoughts on “Chapter 23, page 8 – kicking the mist

  1. … but … the green mist stroke back?!

  2. Green may have been a bad choice for mist color. Unless you want it to look like the girls lifted their legs and released a toxic gas.

  3. You are the hairy, stubby-legged, prime example why all that is a cereally bad thing mutt!

  4. “[Name of the AI controlling the building], turn on the vents. Highest level. NOW!”

  5. Yeah this ability really needed a page someplace earlier explaining this ability if it comes from feet or somewhere else. Combined with the age verification window on this page, it seems to direct your attention to mist coming from places that mist shouldnt be from. Only afterwards did I notice Wendy’s boob, which was anticlimactic at that point. Vagina sourced kockout gas is more anticlimax than anticlimactic.

  6. Ok, I’ve modified the last panel a bit — hopefully now it looks more like Frilengo dissipated into a vampiric mist (not melted by a super fart from Reny and Tirinisho 😂)

    1. Nah, they problem some had was with the colouring, not any confusion over what was happening 🙂

      1. 👍

    2. This helps to know that turning into mist is a defensive
      power of the vampire when threatened. The color was not an issue for me at least.

      1. Turning into mist has long been a vamp-staple, same with turning into a wolf (that’s the real reason for the whole Lycan versus Bloodsucker feud)

  7. Haven’t seen Queenie in an age (thought it was Bitchlock at first, but then remembered the Royal Nose 😛 )

  8. Would Billy prefer the alternative? To finger his prick?

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