Chapter 23, page 11 – Vice hug

16 thoughts on “Chapter 23, page 11 – Vice hug

  1. I suppose the ultimate strike will not hit his head …

    1. hee hee

  2. Now! Ther’s a chance to put some silver into his… orifice. 🙂

    1. 😁

  3. Careful of your aim Reny: don’t want to hit the wrong hole (as in… Wendy’s)

    1. 😂 don’t want to do that

  4. I have been enjoying the strip but I noticed that the RSS feed has stopped working. It hasn’t updated since May 18.

    1. I apologize MJ – I had to change the template for my website at that time so the old feed doesn’t update anymore. I should have sent a warning page or message, but after I updated the site I could not access that feed anymore. Anyways, the new feed is here

  5. As I said, more powerful than they thought. Let’s hope Reny can do some good with whatever the Hell that thing she has, is. She certainly does look good naked though. They all do.

    1. 👍

  6. For someone so well built, his dick looks mighty… shrivelled (is it cold in that room?)

    1. Tirinisho’s kick and the room is a bit cold 😁

      1. “You DARE kick me there…”
        “Well, it is a small target…”

        1. A “Bullseye” for Tirinisho nevertheless!

        2. He’s hardly a ‘bull’, well, maybe as ugly as the south end of north-bound male moose 😛

        3. Bullseye, Shmullseye. As long as she BLINDS him. Permanently!

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