Chapter 22, page 16 – Don’t clone me!

I had to migrate to a new wordpress theme in order to upgrade to a more current programming language (PHP).  My webhost advised me that merceneiress was running on an outdated version of PHP and they would charge a monthly fee to maintain support of this outdated PHP.  Another option was to hire them or a 3rd party to upgrade for me.  I tried upgrading my site myself, but I was unsuccessful due to the old theme which was not compatible with current versions of PHP (sorry if this caused any disruptions when you were trying to access or read the comic).  I had to ditch the old wordpress comic theme and upgrade to a new one (Toocheke), which is a bit different, but works well and is compatible with PHP 8.1.  Hopefully this lasts for a while (kind of a pain in the butt going through this whole process).  Anyways, thank you for your patience and I hope you enjoy the new site!  

27 thoughts on “Chapter 22, page 16 – Don’t clone me!

  1. Ah, HA! The plot thickens, as we find out a clue to something else the good (not) doctor must have affected.

    That’s a very nice job on Cadence’s hair. Also, someone ought to check to make sure SHE’S dead.

    1. Thanks regarding the hair! took a few tries to get the hair right using dforce hair


    You had one job: stab from the sides!!

    1. I agree, but she was using energy blades there, I’m sure it was no different as if you tried to pull someone away from being electrocuted by high voltage. You’d be shocked too! We kept anti-shock hooks by all of the high voltage panels just for that reason. Granted if you’re hit by 600 VDC it’s unlikely at best you’d survive but it was the law. Or the main sub-station outside the factory, I watched a squirrel vaporize when it shorted across two of those insulators… NOT pretty… 1480 VAC is not forgiving.

      1. As an electrician when I started as an apprentice I found out the hard way that you don’t trust anybody when they say the power is off. I tasted my fillings for a few hours when the Foreman said the 220/480 was dead. My Dad almost when to jail when He beat the crap out of that idiot saying “THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR TRYING TO KILL MY SON, JACKASS!” We went home and the next day Dad was the new Forman. “JACKASS” got fired.

        1. Glad the jackass got whupped and your dad got promoted!

        2. My uncle used to tow cars for the PD in Omaha, NE. At one crash site the officer told him that all of the power had been shut off to the light poles that the victim had crashed into. Taking him at his word, my uncle grabbed the tow hook, then the bumper of the vehicle. He was thrown across two lanes of traffic and had his cross necklace and wedding ring (also on a necklace) welded together. He spent months in rehab and the officer didn’t even get a verbal warning.

      2. Yeah, but she wouldn’t have been stabbed along with being fried

      3. Dang! 😮

  3. I’m wondering if Torgi already knew about Cadence? Also what effect on the time line changes will Cadence’s death have on them? This story keeps getting better and better!

    1. Thank you! 😁

  4. Apparently, Sariel has Electric Eel genes. That was quite a discharge, although, it seems to have done much more damage to Tirinisho, than it did to Cadence. They definitely need to make sure they put her down! What a pity. They should also take anything Torgi says with a grain of salt.

    1. Cadence’s electric discharge fried Tirinisho as she held her (sorry, influenced by a famous movie scene involving a dark lord and an evil emperor 😁)

  5. They should have ended Creeper Puppy the moment he said, “Yes, yes…” He clearly was NOT constrained then. Now? No telling how much damage has as already inflicted.


    1. Yeah, what bullshit has he told Nisho that she feels she deserves to die permanently?

  6. Got quite the shock (seriously bad choice of word 🙁 ) seeing the new layout, but if it was done to ensure the continuation of the webic, will just have to get use to it
    At least still able to comment

    1. I was afraid I would lose the old comments, but they’re still here! yay!

      1. Now it’s changed again, and the invotive preview is gone (had started saving those as well)

        1. oops! it’s back now!

        2. Just in time for the next invotive 🙂

  7. My only issue with the new layout is all the white. Living on dark mode in low lighting makes all this white literally painful, when reading at night with dark adapted eyes.

    1. let me work on that…

  8. My only comment on the new layout is not having the VOTE link at the top as well as at the bottom anymore. And the lack of a blog URL blank in the comment form. Maybe have the VOTE link in a floating icon that follows me down as I scroll through the episode.
    Yeah, I’m that lazy.
    Eric Hines

    1. I have no qualms about putting another vote button at the top! I’ll work on that. Let me see if there is an option to leave website url in comments. Thank you for your suggestions.

    2. Url is now available in comment field and I have added a “VOTE” link in the navigation bar above the comic. I’ve also added a floating vote button on the left. So now there is a place to vote above and below and to the left of the comic (I was looking to try to add a floating Tirin holding the Vote button, but could not find a plug-in that would allow me to create such a button)

      1. Wow. Sierra Hotel. Customer service as well as a ripping good story telling.
        Thank you for both.
        Eric Hines

        1. thank you for reading! the floating icon has now become a Trina vote button along with Tirin Patreon and Wendy Gumroad

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