Chapter 21, page 5 – your horns are so sexy, milord

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14 thoughts on “Chapter 21, page 5 – your horns are so sexy, milord

  1. Brain short circuit[0] in 5…4…3…

    [0] The Electric Company from PBS Kids had a squad of young dubbed The Short Circus, which term keeps trying to displace the above word when I write it

    1. Brain short circus? I loved the electric company when I was a kid…

      1. I raised my own kid on PBS. Me, a very early influence was Don “Mister Wizard” Herbert, and another was Dr. Frank Baxter, host of a series of science films (typically 16mm) from Bell Labs.

        1. cool 😎

  2. Let’s see if those horns are detachable…

  3. Hmm… Looks like someone got the priorities wrong on their package installation. Combat options always take priority over realistic emotional response. You usually learn that no later than the second belt test in most arts.

    Of course, I’m not EVEN going to think about calling that by-the-minute “tech support” line to report this error…

    1. yeah you can never get a human on one of those lines

  4. The serving class and the foot soldiers of this world’s culture will fight and die in service to that? A horny, chickenfoot mutant graduate of AVaLon who seems interested only in sitting around and absorbing? I suspect that even finding the ideal new planet isn’t gonna save them.

    And someone get a Band-Aid for poor Triagg’s leg. When your upper body is covered with sharp teeth but your lower body isn’t… these things happen.

    1. I love your empathy for Triagg (I didn’t even know he had that wound until I rendered it — poor guy)

  5. Of course, since Trina was purchased for Billy, she’s really not ‘horny’ …

    1. 😂I was trying to incorporate a play on horns but couldn’t come up with one. I like yours.

  6. Those horns look like great handles for anyone looking to snap a neck

    1. Humanoid necks are not as resistant to the cowboy sport of bulldogging as are the necks of steers. I’d give Trina a green light here.

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