Chapter 21, page 4 – you can drop the act

Uh-oh.Β  How's Trina going to get out of this one?

9 thoughts on “Chapter 21, page 4 – you can drop the act

  1. Well, she still has her legs free for the moment. And she’s probably stronger than they suspect.

    Hopefully her combat programming is up to the task.

    1. Indeed, we shall see 😁

  2. Yeah, this isn’t gonna go as well as Trina thought πŸ™

    1. It does look kind of ominous for her doesn’t it

  3. Called it!
    Love the expressions, all of them.
    Thank you for creating and sharing.

    1. Thank you so much!!

  4. I blame Trina’s fix on whomever installed a fault-ridden dissembler pack.

  5. Meanwhile, August 1, the vote bait is one of the more delightful to come down the pike in recent months. Now to find a towel wherewith to mop up the drool….

    1. πŸ‘Yes!😁

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