Chapter 21, page 6 – you’re not hu–! or Trina strikes

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18 thoughts on “Chapter 21, page 6 – you’re not hu–! or Trina strikes

  1. YES!!!!!!!!

    Now, we see Trina fail 😛

    1. we shall see 😀

  2. Oooh, painful. Real horned animals still have nerve endings in their horns. That’s why bullfighting organizations don’t allow the bull’s horns to be shaved: it makes it hurt more for the bull to hit something, so they’re less aggressive.

    1. I did not know that regarding the bulls! makes sense thank you

      1. There is nothing about the barbarism of bullfighting that makes sense. I cheer for every bull that gores one of the ppl that torture them to death. And get some moron in the running of the bulls, who sat in those stands cheering an animal being tortured to death. Bullfighters, and those that patronize them, deserve nothing but the contempt that ppl who condone and cheer torturing an animal to death merit.

  3. Did Trina suddenly “hulk out” in panel 2?

    1. Looks a bit like Zona there.

    2. yes she did! just didnt turn green 😃

  4. Just saying – getting behind someone with a powerful tail might not be ideal

    1. good point 😁

    2. Trina is still horny, and she plans to sit on the tail

      1. 😂

    3. Avatar


      Trina wants to view Prince Jilak’s slow and painful death as retribution for their lord’s injuries from the best seat in the house.

      Take away the broken horns and the gushing blood, and panel 5 is a sexy look for Lord Durminat.

      1. haha 😘 indeed!

  5. Funny. The Trilordian warriors are also in Ancestral World.

    Check out 10:46


    1. Love it! This would be how Prince Jilak tells his story to justify his actions (he was seeking a magical armor stolen by god of destruction (his version of Durminat)). The Trilordian model is available for purchase on for anyone interested in telling their own Trilordian story or movie (not made by me, but a talented artist named Josh Crockett – “the disruptor alien” for genesis 3 males).

      1. I was hoping it might be something like that. I’m not an artist, but my greatest fear is that I’ll write something I forgot I read. I’m pretty sure I once started to rewrite an Oz book I must have read as a kid. Just because I get my story ideas from dreams doesn’t mean my dreams are original. I’ve also had work stolen outright prior to publishing. Not copyright, but university research. Both sides of that sucks, so just in case I thought I should let you know.

        1. Thank you for letting me know! It was funny to see it in animation action. That really sucks having research work stolen prior to publishing…

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