Chapter 21, page 7 – Trina ain’t messing around, but neither is Durminat!

Prince Jilak tries to be helpful, but is a bit too late... Also, sorry for exposing more 3d rendered butts.

16 thoughts on “Chapter 21, page 7 – Trina ain’t messing around, but neither is Durminat!

  1. …oops.

  2. As an android, does Trina even need to breathe?

    Her neck is probably also stronger than a human’s, so Durminat might not get the result she’s hoping for..

    If I may make an aesthetic observation for future reference, with the position of Durminat’s torso and legs in the chair, her tail should more likely be hung out over the front of the seat if it is at the base of her spine like a tail normally is. Unless in this case it’s rigged differently, of course.

    1. Well, something still SCRUNCH’d…

    2. Her tail originates from her lower back (as opposed to her tail bone) — it is definitely being scrunched by Trina in that awkward position, which Trina thought would be enough (but apparently not unfortunately)

  3. Why are those girls bald? Is that ooze also an exfoliate? They are lucky to still have fingernails if that’s the case

    1. No, not exfoliate, meant ‘depilatory’ 🙁

      1. A side effect of the ooze, but Tirin and Reny were not exposed long enough to have their hair fall out

  4. First – no apologies necessary for exposing 3D rendered butts. They show filmed ones on regular shows now, so not a big deal.

    Second, Trina probably just had her windpipe scrunched, but … depending upon how sturdy the iClone is, that probably won’t make a difference. Durminat is pulling backwards, to get the horn away from her body. Trina still has hold of Durminat’s neck, and if Durminat tries to pull her off in a reverse kind of judo flip, Trina would pull Durminat’s head with her – and should plunge the horn right into her.

    Of course, this also could be how somebody decides that Trina gets to die as a hero as well, since as an iClone, TECHNICALLY Trina is replaceable. They just don’t get the damage deposit back. I don’t remember what the discussion result was on whether she was made like Dolores in Westworld, or like the synths in Fallout 4.

    1. Very good points. Trina was “modified” a bit by Billy (exactly what modifications we don’t know), but his intention was to make her unique. I imagine a new Trina could be modified again by Billy, but might be a little different depending on whether Billy followed a certain protocol or kind of “winged” it.

      1. Hopefully, Billy kept a backup of his software, so he can rebuild/modify from that baseline, rather than having to work from scratch from the store-bought baseline.
        Eric Hines

  5. Let’s see which is more firmly attached: Trina’s head or Lord Snake-tits’ tail 🙂

  6. If Trina’s combat programming is up to it, Lord Durminat could still be in trouble. Unless her neck is broken instantly, Trina could still use that busted off horn to lethal effect, or put a sleeper hold on Durminat.

    Plus with all the girls loose, it’s now a free-for-all in the room.

    1. Yeah, it’s not like Trina is the only dangerous one of the girls, or even the most dangerous…

      And Reny is now armed…

  7. Please, Butts galore! No worries.

  8. I was just looking back at this comic, and in panel 1, Durminat’s costume isn’t centered on her groin, it’s more on her right thigh. It definitely appears she’s of the Barbie classification of beings, with no visible genitalia in the crotch.

    1. Hi it’s the angle of the shot that makes it look like that it is not centered. Here is another angle that shows that the costume is indeed centered on her private parts
      But no question, all of these models are virtual Barbies (until you “add on” the genitalia option, which makes them Barbies with genitals).

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