Chapter 21, page 32 – the love planet

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15 thoughts on “Chapter 21, page 32 – the love planet

  1. Yeah, Darsin: Pay your fee before your timeline is erased.

    1. exactly 😁

  2. “Pardon me” … the humble form of “Stop, there is one more thing!”

    1. It’s also a polite form of “Watch where you are going, jerk!”

      1. 👍

  3. That look on Darsin’s face is – “Oh, shit – they’re casually talking about killing people and genocide? I’m either going to throw up or die, so PLEASE let me get out of here before I learn so much they have to kill ME!”

    1. glad you got that! 😁

  4. I’m reminded of something Larry Niven said about time travel: to wit, it will never be invented, because eventually somebody will travel back in time and kill the inventor before they can invent it just so everyone can think straight again.

    1. Indeed 😁

  5. Personally finding it hard to believe our Trina would go along with this shit, that bitch must have tampered with her programing!

    1. The next chapter is going to reveal what happened to Billy and Trina (Reparations story from Patreon will be incorporated into this chapter (a slightly altered version 😁))

  6. Hello, new reader here. Just finished my archive binge and I’m loving it. One question: the page says it updates weekly. Does that mean once a week on a specific day, once a week sometime during the week, or what?

    1. Welcome, Mike! I usually update on Thursdays (this has varied over the years, but for the past year, been trying to stay consistent with Thursdays).

  7. Wait, hold the spice! ‘Mickipeedium’? Did that get retro-changed without them noticing?

    1. 😂

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