Chapter 21, page 31 – Billyonia

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 21, page 31 – Billyonia

  1. What have you done Billy-boy! You have no idea where Cadence has been!

  2. Hmm, maybe neither Morg or Norg hooked up with Tirinisho, maybe she just used some of their DNA (not sure why, unless the alternative was the third ‘Org’, Torgi)

  3. They all look so Hot in those nightshirts. Except the trolls. And I certainly hope there isn’t any genetic connection. Eww!

    1. 😂 agree eww!

  4. And yeah, that is a horrible name for a planet, it’s a horrible name for a country!

    It’s like how in that timetravelling hottub movie, when that shitstain decides to stay behind and implements his version of Google, and simply calls it ‘Lougle’ (because his name is ‘Lou’ and he hasn’t an original thought in his left testicle!)

    1. 🤣 yup exactly! loved Lougle!

    2. Planets have founders. The things you learn reading webcomics.
      I guess we owe thanks to founder Eartha Kitt… although living on planet “Kittyworld” wouldn’t have been too bad.

      “Saron Fetterlund” sounds like a male name (not from Middle Earth, right?). I wonder how the militant feminist Vays felt about that?

      1. Not from middle-earth! although sounds similar (probably a subconscious influence), meant to be female.

        1. Personally thought it sounding more like ‘Sharon’ without the ‘h’ than ‘Sauron’

  5. Love all these “Surprise” faces. LOL

    1. surprise faces are fun 😁

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