Chapter 21, page 30 – Tirinisho seeks advice

Meanwhile, time to pick Torgi's brain...

15 thoughts on “Chapter 21, page 30 – Tirinisho seeks advice

  1. Sure, blame the parents… or the victims. Classic abuser tactic. Being “dogged” wasn’t sufficient punishment.

    1. 😂

  2. It’s truly amazing how many variations of the name Tirin are possible. Love her outfit though.
    Based on Cadence’s comments about “Fucking Up Time”, then, A(Crude speech ain’t no big deal), and B(The entire process of “Fucking Up Time”), appears to be something of a sport in the distant future. I am glad to see that human anatomy hasn’t changed much in Cadence’s time. Nice ass!

    1. Glad you like the outfits of the Tirins!

  3. Oh right, it is Tirinisho who has been corrupted by the torgi…

  4. Wait, what ‘flutters’ has she observed? Complete confusion overload overhere…

    1. Chapter 20 page 34 is when we first learn about these flutters

      1. Oh right, and even predicted this encounter 🙁

  5. I really, REALLY don’t get why they let the little creeper stick around. This is just severely dumb.

    1. While killing him (or full lobotomizing) would only be half what he deserved, that would make them as bad as he is, or worse: because they claim to know better…

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    When is Tirinisho’s baby due? Who’s the father? Maybe Cadence is 1/4 troll, which would make her a trollop?

    If it were a trope, Cadence would say, “I slept with a sexy woman who turned out to be my grandmother and now I’m my own granddaughter.”

    1. 😁👍

    2. Only if you have adventures in your myths…

  7. Leia should look so good.
    Eric Hines

    1. this is what she should have worn…😁

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