Chapter 22 – Rewind, pause, enhance cover

In search of Cadence, the mysterious lady who seems to enjoy fucking around with time at Tirin and company’s expense. Tirin, Reny, Morg, Norg, Sariel and Tirinia go back to Tirinite headquarters and utilize the timelog to determine what happened to Billy and why Saronia has been changed to Billyonia.

9 thoughts on “Chapter 22 – Rewind, pause, enhance cover

  1. If he tries to run with his arms stretched out straight behind him, kill him painfully!!!

    1. Hadn’t even noticed the badge on his arm until now…

    2. 😂

  2. That’s a pretty Hot chick back there, ready to kick his ass! And Blue is my Favorite color. What could go wrong?

    1. Yup she is!

  3. And she was Swingin’!

    1. say, is that a song?

      1. Yeah, but that isn’t Charlotte Johnson …

  4. shadow possesion jutsu anyone?????

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