Chapter 22, page 1 – Timelog, Billy’s journal and Loretta’s club

Tirinite headquarters exists in interdimensional space where the Uon spice is safely guarded by the Tirinites.

9 thoughts on “Chapter 22, page 1 – Timelog, Billy’s journal and Loretta’s club

  1. Okay, guess we will find out why Billy Boy went to the club of the woman he tried to kill later? Or at least, didn’t care what happened to her

  2. I think this is after that event. Some sort of apology to her at trin’s request. Remember she asked that he not piss the other neighborhood businesses off at her.

  3. Oh, that’s what that blurred line is down the middle of panel ten: they cut out the empty space seen in panel seven (space big enough to fit a Time Bitch… )

  4. And across the top of Panel 11. Except the background is visible, blurred, through the blur lines. Perhaps the erasure of the time log has begun.
    Eric Hines

    1. Thought that that was the bottom of panel ten
      Actually, ah think that is all panel ten, and panel eleven is the last panel with Reny and Norg
      If you look closerer at the blur, you can see some of the image above blurring into the image below (notably at Naruted guy’s leg and the armchair he’s sitting on)

  5. The fellow in the green vest looks like he might know something is going on..

    He’s looking directly at the camera.

    1. If you mean panel five, fairly sure that’s Billy

      1. No the youngish looking fellow with the topknot in panel 6 and 10, who seems to be looking directly back at the nanofly camera.

        The one who was getting warned on the previous page.

        1. Oh, the Naruted dude, fairly sure he’s perving at Loretta

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