Chapter 22, page 2

Billy's journal continues... next page coming soon

10 thoughts on “Chapter 22, page 2

  1. Gotta love the reverse bunny costume.

    1. 👍😁

  2. Yeah, that was before your girlfriend put her through a glass door and her medical bills arrived (not to mention her insurance premiums went up)

    1. This is happening after Trina put her in the hospital (more explanation coming soon).

      1. Yes, that’s why the opening bid is up 20k (should have made that more clearer 🙁 )

        1. Yeah, well, not really. Advantage to those of us who already know where this is going. (And coming, and going, and coming again … )

        2. Meant me should have been clearer (it had been 30k, but then Trina put Loretta through TirTeen’s door, so the bid is now 50k to help cover costs)

        3. @Guesticules – got it 👍😁

  3. Isn’t the pink haired one the gal who helped to remove Billy’s curse? So maybe this is leading up to that.

    1. Yes indeed this is from the “Reparations” story that was in Patreon during months of August 2022 to January of this year (but modified a bit here) for $10 patrons 😁 (but the general public does not know what happens and will find out soon…)

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