Chapter 24, page 23 – bump and tuck, Wendy!

14 thoughts on “Chapter 24, page 23 – bump and tuck, Wendy!

  1. Or turn her head and take a good hard bite and then jerk her head from side to side, getting a good rip going.
    Eric Hines

  2. Interesting. When I pushed the Post Comment icon, I got a warning about “adult” or “upsetting” content. When I confirmed my age range, I was sent back to see my comment published.
    Nothing wrong with the warning popup, but it is oddly timed, since I’d already read and enjoyed the allegedly adult or upsetting content.
    Eric Hines

    1. that’s annoying – didn’t even know that darn plugin was doing that — will correct

  3. A nit, since I’m on a commenting roll: in the first panel, our heroine’s head already is turned to one side. Then in the penultimate panel, she’s turned her head vertical, facilitating the smother move. Counterproductive by our heroine.
    Eric Hines

    1. the power of Betty’s breasts – they are like arms — she used them to turn her head back for prime smothering

      1. Wendy was at the start of motor-boating in the first panel 😛

  4. Betty’s being disingenuous here: Wendy’s hands are pinned, she’s smothered, how’s she going to indicate a tap out? Of course, if she flips the fight, she won’t have to.

  5. The camera suddenly got a real closeup of Betty’s booty after Wendy bump’d and tuck’d it off of her?

    1. haha 😄

  6. Enjoying the story, as always. Thank you!
    A quibble about “choreography” of the combatants. Up to page 22 panel 1, their movement would put their heads to the left (with the other women in the background), but moments later at page 22 panel 3 and following panels, at the end of the movement their heads are to the right (with the other women in the background). How did they turn around?
    Even if the author does not re-do the panels I will continue to enjoy the story. Thanks.

    1. Thank you Lloyd, you’re right! I’ve changed panel 1 on page 22! 👍

  7. Yeah, this is the moment Wendy should bite one of the spiders…

    1. yes, if only she could move her head from the vice-like grip!

      1. She shoulda done that in panel one

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