Chapter 24, page 24 – royal underground fighting law

16 thoughts on “Chapter 24, page 24 – royal underground fighting law

  1. Got the obvious solution…BITE!

    1. “Vampire powers, ACTIVATE!”

  2. If she can turn her head to do it. One Hell of a Vue in that last panel.

  3. What if… it’s a draw? Betty can’t let Wendy up because Betty can’t move

  4. So if Wendy dies, who do they expect to fix their illegal droid?

  5. Something tells me that that helpful soldier is due to have an ‘accident’, possibly a fatal one, at least one that can’t be explained 😛

  6. The only way to get rid of the “Are you old enough to see boobies?” window-thingie is to pick ‘No’ and go back from the Google page

    1. Hmm, when I click yes, it allows me to view Merceneiress (are you saying it is refusing to let you view unless you click No and get kicked out?)

      1. Works fine for me. I click YES, and I’m in.
        The popup isn’t a problem. I wouldn’t worry about it, other than it being a useless screen. Anyone capable of manipulating a keyboard–my cat, for instance, or my grandson on the timeline where he’s still 2 yrs old–can click YES and be in.
        Eric Hines

        1. Maybe it won’t for me because still clinging on to IE InPrivate

        2. I just went on IE InPrivate and also Chrome Incognito, but it still works. Sorry you’re having trouble, I hate these age gate plug-ins, but I tried to pick the simplest one because I gotta have something given the current climate we’re in 😅

        3. No worries, not a major issue, was just letting you know in case there was something wrong (other than me of course 😉 )

        4. Yeah, FF and Chrome are okay with the ‘Yes’, butt… will continue using the slightly inconvenient IE for as long as it will let me 🙂

  7. The “underground righting” law? Oh I get it. That is the than that tells the criminals that it is forbidden to do criminal stuff, to right them.

    1. Seriously, anyone under the age of 2 should be allowed in here. They have the most comprehensible vital interest in boobies according to the WHO.

    2. “Fighting”, not ‘Righting’, it’s some bullshit law he literally just made up to justify bringing Reny in

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