Chapter 20, page 29 – I’m right, you’re left, she’s gone

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 20, page 29 – I’m right, you’re left, she’s gone

  1. Trina has fun. Definitively.

    1. Trina is the very epitome of fun.

  2. Every funeral starts with fun

  3. Like I said in another comic strip, THIS is why you use rifles…


    Lemmings, attack!

    1. I would use the term “zerglings” …

    2. I believe it was established a few pages ago that both energy weapons & firearms (slugthrowers) would be largely ineffective against these bozos.

      1. Indeed. Their skin has thick layers which give a good protection against bullets. But the layers cover each other, providing gaps for piercing weapons. Those energy swords are perfect.

        1. They do appear to function appropriately, especially in well-trained hands.

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