Chapter 20, page 28

5 thoughts on “Chapter 20, page 28

  1. Some creatures just need killin’.
    There’s a great deal of fun to be had in satisfying others’ needs.
    Trina’s on the right track.
    Eric Hines

  2. Reny, just consider you’re restoring the timeline. They should already be dead, you’re just making things right. You’re not interfering, you’re correcting a mistake. (Time paradoxes versus multiverses are such fun!)

  3. For my next prediction, I suspect that the trio will become harvest targets… and that Trina will step up, because she doesn’t have any of whatever gets taken.

  4. In the final scene today, Trina’s body shape is odd around her middle (waist and hip area).
    Anyone else see what I’m talking about?

    Lightblades vs flesh – oh, wait, did you think we were damsels or something? F* off and die already, it’s killing time!

    1. Trina’s waist/hips are unique (I think Billy likes it that way) — the space suit accentuates it.

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