Chapter 20, page 30

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15 thoughts on “Chapter 20, page 30

  1. What exploded in Panel 4? Force field of the shield (panel 3)?

    1. That’s Tirin’s magic blowing back the trilordians (sorry if I didn’t make that more apparent!)

    2. I’ve changed panel 4 to show that Tirin caused the magical explosion.

  2. Trina is getting to see just how badass Tirteen is
    Now the question is: does Billy stand a chance? 😛

    1. 😂 good point!

      1. Just to clafairy: meant that Trina might not be going back to Billy 😛

        (“Teach me, mistress!”
        “You mean you want me to be your ‘master’?”
        “I said what I meant!”

  3. Would that happen to be a high-pitched scream in panel two? o_O

    1. It seems that the piercing scream was cut short…

    2. haha! yes the scream translated from trilordian came out as aieee!

  4. Panel Four: everybody’s a grammar Nazi. That should be WHO
    Eric Hines

    1. 😁 good one!

    2. Either that, or “whoom”, all in the holy name of disambiguation (a favorite occupation of compiler writers).

    3. Yes, even sound effects get picked up by the autotranslators. Understandable, since languages like that of the inhabitants of planet Kyzeterion are entirely composed of sound effects.

      1. Biological foley artists then?

        1. Yup. Their movie industry has sound artists that specialize in simulating the sounds of everyone else’s speech. (Their DVD subtitles are hilarious. It’s all “Splat-zing-thud, poof-crunch-burp-whoom” from start to finish.)

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