Chapter 24, page 12

11 thoughts on “Chapter 24, page 12

  1. It looks like the gal Wendy hired is behind the gal Jules hired. We are just waiting for 2 other players to show up.

  2. I wonder how much Krav a sex therapist knows. She’d need some means of dealing with unruly patients.
    Eric Hines

    1. Fairly sure Wendy was Reny’s first (and possibly only) patient

  3. Okay, if Bouncing Betty has only put two opponents in the morgue, then that means she’s only fought organics, and no matter how tough they are they do have limits not matched by cybers or synths

  4. In the right corner: A girl who has six extremeties.
    In the left corner: Half robot, half human.
    In the 7th panel: The enemy of all comic authors: A typo.

    1. haha! love it – that’s why she’s so lethal! yes indeed that is definitely enemy number one – corrected! Thank you

  5. Who has 6 extremities? And what typo?

    1. Big Betty’s frontal parts are extreme …

      “Freind” instead of “Friend”.

      1. You forgot her rear ‘bumpers’

  6. Like trying to look away from a car accident.

  7. Not a boob guy, but I do admire fun character design.

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