Chapter 24, page 11

14 thoughts on “Chapter 24, page 11

  1. Wendy, on a Superbike. Titties and Beer!

    1. Correction. Reny.

      1. Give it time, and Wendy will be on that soon enough 🙂

    2. 😁🍻

  2. Julie: “That’s your therapist? … Think she could do me some time?”

  3. I have to say that’s a neat looking bike except for one small thing that bugs me; the little shroud at the bottom of the front tire. That, to me, just seems to be a bad spot.

    1. Yeah, noticed that as well (also on the back, just not as easy to see back there)
      Thought maybe it’s for when the bike is stopped, but they don’t look like they move…

    2. Agree that front guard is awfully close to the ground, but it does indeed have a hover function

  4. Mysto, I have to agree..mostly. unless it lets the bike fly, then anything Is ok.

    1. the hover guard 😁

  5. If Wendy and Reny hooked up, would they become Rendy?
    And if Tirteen joins, would they be… Trendy?

  6. Well as a sex therapist she better has means of transport for her clients with lot’s of rumble and god vibrations in all the best places. As they say the zest is in the journey and not in the destination.

  7. If renny were my therapist I’d be happy any time she could fit me in.

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