Chapter 21 cover – Naked and Unafraid

Will our heroes be able to overcome Lord Durminat in their birthday suits?

11 thoughts on “Chapter 21 cover – Naked and Unafraid

  1. Lord Durminat doesn’t wear much either.

    1. No she doesn’t, all the more to absorb her victims’ essences through her skin from that glowing chair thing

  2. Nice vote incentive, thank you. However, re the interview, wasn’t an obsession with sex an issue with the emperor in the prior timeline?
    Thank you for creating and sharing!

    1. Thank you. Yes that is true. In the incentive’s dimension it is more like our time and instead of merceneress being a comic, it is a tv show. Just a wild fantasy…

  3. As to this question, “We shall see.” is an answer with several interpretations.

    1. haha indeed!

  4. Lord Dur is a Pervert

    1. Nu?

    2. 😂

      1. Thank you; I’ll be here all week.

  5. Naked and Unafraid works for me. It’d probably make a great vote incentive too!

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