Chapter 21, page 1 – No one is suffering here

Warning: this chapter is a bit revealing (not as revealing as the stuff in Patreon, but a tiny bit more than past merceneiress chapters). Speaking of Patreon, this month:
  1. $1 patrons: "If Merceneiress was a tv show" Reny and Wendy actresses
  2. $5 patrons: Handling Time Trembles the right way – Wendy, Tirinisho and Reny are naked and unafraid (well, maybe a little afraid) of Wendy's boyfriend, Zenithian Nosferatu, Frilengo, who is not happy that his girlfriend has been taking lessons on how to be intimate from Reny and Tirinisho! (NSFW)
  3. $10 patrons: Samson and Yritai review specs – Samson seeks help from none other than Abby regarding the trouble with Shara, who loves to intervene and facilitate any intimate encounters Samson may have with Yritai (NSFW)
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11 thoughts on “Chapter 21, page 1 – No one is suffering here

  1. Yeah, Lord Pervert has already ‘fluffed’ with details once, don’t be so quick on appearances little one

    1. Indeed!

  2. So, it’s like a salon that makes their hair depart the scalp and explore the rest of the body for a new location to take root? 😕

    Yeah, Ms. Chickenfoot is juiced up with the energy of six scientists by my count, and she’s engineered for hardcore head-butting. Never trifle with overlords mutated by radioactive lounge chairs.

    1. Haha, hair loss is an unfortunate side effect.

  3. Avatar


    “As you can see, no one is suffering here.” Cut to bruised and scarred Prince Jilak.

    “Let’s take ’em.” Trina didn’t forget about the Trilordian with the giant bottle opener who was hugging Prince Jilak like his best buddy. She just didn’t care if he died, unlike the pacifist ASS, who were all hoping to watch him die horribly.

    I like how the NSFW warning comes *after* the pictures.

    1. Yeah, I didn’t know how to create a pop up warning, oh well…

      1. Some webics blur the comic with a warning and you have to click on it to view it, usually for blood and slash or violence (never for a bit of side-bewb or shapely back-of-knee)

      2. Well, I don’t work; I write for a living.
        It isn’t possible for anything to be NSFW for me.
        Eric Hines

    2. Even better if you have a pop-up blocker on. But who cares, when it’s the best comic on the web! I read it at work, too. (Of course, I also have a private office, and my screens don’t face the door, so there is that.)

      1. Haha, thank you!!!

  4. “No one is suffering here.” How the Fuck does that deformed cunt know if the women she literally sucks the life out of, are suffering? The usual self righteous Bullshit you get from those with power. They know “Better” than we do, what is “good” for us! Of course, they don’t actually care whether or not what they do, is best for us Little People. Trina’s right. They need to kick some Ass!

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