Warning: this chapter is a bit revealing (not as revealing as the stuff in Patreon, but a tiny bit more than past merceneiress chapters).

Speaking of Patreon, this month:

  1. $1 patrons: “If Merceneiress was a tv show” Reny and Wendy actresses
  2. $5 patrons: Handling Time Trembles the right way – Wendy, Tirinisho and Reny are naked and unafraid (well, maybe a little afraid) of Wendy’s boyfriend, Zenithian Nosferatu, Frilengo, who is not happy that his girlfriend has been taking lessons on how to be intimate from Reny and Tirinisho! (NSFW)
  3. $10 patrons: Samson and Yritai review specs – Samson seeks help from none other than Abby regarding the trouble with Shara, who loves to intervene and facilitate any intimate encounters Samson may have with Yritai (NSFW)

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