Chapter 21, page 2 – Womp

I know, I know, I must have some underlying desire to be covered in slime as this is the second time that slime engulfs Merceneiress heroines (Chap 14, page 14)

10 thoughts on “Chapter 21, page 2 – Womp

  1. Acting was obviously not part of her programming. At least Billy can be certain she was never faking it.

    1. 😂 an oscar nominee she is not

    2. It seems that the honcho agrees with you. Her expression says she’s not buying it.

  2. Gross! Tendrils in the mouth!!
    Spit it out Renny!!! You don’t know who it’s been in!

    1. 😁 yuck if only she could!

  3. Beware! The serpentine tentacles of seduction and death… they strike with a “BLOOSK”!

    1. haha or a GLUUP!

      1. And your Ass makes a Womp? I guess ya hadda be there.

  4. No save against glop?

    1. Both Tirin and Reny failed their save throws 😁

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