Chapter 21, page 16 – Morg why is the gate not glowing?

Without a functioning gate, how will they escape?

19 thoughts on “Chapter 21, page 16 – Morg why is the gate not glowing?

  1. Push the correct buttons to dial in the proper universe is all that’s needed. That’s basic Stargate 101. At least there’s no chevrons they have to spin around the outside.

    Probably, though, there’s a sensor that detects that glowing necklace and cuffs the Prince is wearing, and just deactivated it so he can’t escape.

    1. Simple solution: OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!
      Not like he was using it for much

    2. very good point!

  2. *That’s* what switched off when Cadence clapped! Ladies, just clap-clap again!

    I was wondering when the victims would start remembering that they’re scientists. Sample the ooze, examine the remote controller, log the portal symbols…

    Does the Prince formally known as airhead know he got his entire outpost staff killed?

    …and where’s Oscar?

    1. They lost all their hair… except their eyebrows? o_O

      1. When I was going through chemotherapy many years ago, I never lost my beard or my eyebrows. I’d presume because hair follicles on the head versus hair follicles on the face are different. I would guess something similar, only in this case the ooze needed more skin contact, especially with the skin over the brain, but didn’t interfere with vision or breathing.

        1. Weren’t they wearing helmets that covered their face as well?

          Or maybe it’s just an art error, like how when someone who has amnesia in media still retains the ability to speak

        2. If you go back to Chapter 21, Page 1, you’ll see two of them had helmets on, but the rest did not. And those helmets did NOT cover their face – there was something else there, or so it appeared from what we could see.

        3. Basically, jet-fighter helmets, with the full-face breathing mask, kinda like what the enemy pilots wore in the original “Top Gun”

        4. Forgot to enter name details (honestly didn’t think it would go through at all)

        5. Yes those special helmets were for those on their last legs of energy — the helmets suck out the last vestiges of energy juice that the ooze cannot.

  3. How will they escape? The same way porcupines mate

    1. very carefully indeed! 😂

  4. Better start looking for the DHD.

    1. ?d**k hungry douche?

      1. Dial-Home Device, from Stargate SG-1.

        1. yes, sorry my mind was in the gutter…

        2. Yours and many of ours, I dare say! Many interesting observations noted today. At the same time, I find it a serious Bummer, that the T&A doesn’t seem to apply to Tirin or Reny. Not Bitchin’; just sayin’. Something to consider for the Vote Incentive. In the gutter.
          They need to find their weapons, and their space suits. Just in case.

        3. … How can you ‘dial home’, when you already are home?

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