Chapter 21, page 17 – Did you turn it off? Not me!

The Prince finally gets his shackles off, just in time to get ready to fight the Trilordians now that they're trapped with a malfunctioning gate!

9 thoughts on “Chapter 21, page 17 – Did you turn it off? Not me!

  1. How about Trina tries, “Activate gate” and see if that works. Or maybe the remote needs to be paired to the receiver again? (Hey, it worked for my TV!)

    1. 😂 Yes! or call comcast

      1. You mispronounced “CommieCast”.

  2. Ladies, pick different columns!

    1. haha there are plenty to choose from!

  3. Wait, wasn’t that portal connected to some sort of time shenanigans?

    1. yes, the gate took Tirin and company back in time to planet Riutho (before it was destroyed when their sun burned out) – centuries in the past!

      1. So… where (or when) did that probe-drone come from?

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