Chapter 21, page 18 – Who ARE you? asked the Prince

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17 thoughts on “Chapter 21, page 18 – Who ARE you? asked the Prince

  1. Not sure if I would say “Improve the latency”, I would go for something like “lower”, “decrease” or such, since Latency is something you do NOT want in this situation 🙂 .

    The question who Tirin is comes pretty late and is inapprobiate in this situation – the ex-prisoners had lots of time to ask that. The goblin’s response fits perfectly.

    1. You are absolutely right! Corrected that panel (the latency part)! Thank you!

    2. In the heat of the matter, people make mistakes with speech, either with grammar or mixing up words or phrases (considering Sari mentioned ‘latency’ it’s understandable that TirTeen would have that word in her head)

      As for the princelings timing, he kinda was busy thinking of other things before now, and probably thought TirTeen was just some mundane mercenary hired by, if not his dad, then by someone. But with this new turn of events made him have questions and that just came out

      1. The prince also just heard the phrase “time portal” used

  2. Which blonde witch? There are at least three blondes

    1. Your comment is not correct. There are two blondes – Tirin and Trina – and one blond, the moronic Prince. I know, it’s a minor distinction, but my ‘hobby’ is, I’m a author, so I follow the AP Style Book and don’t worry about sexism.

      If you’re curious, follow the link in my name. Some of the money I earn from my books helps me support this site.

      1. Spoken there is no difference in how it sounds, which is why mentioned there being three with that colour (and you can also get male witches)

      2. I’m a author
        Since we’re being pedants, is that use of a vs an in the AP Style Book?
        Eric Hines

        1. No, that’s a stupid typo. I learned how to touch type five decades ago, but due to nerve damage, I no longer have use of either little finger. (No Arya Stark and GOT jokes, please.) There’s a reason I use Libre Office and three editors for my actual novels.

  3. I like the comment about saving asses when almost the only thing on this side of the portal is the one girl’s ass. I KNOW you did that on purpose.

    1. 😁

    2. Also noticed the one who told Mary Ann to run into the flame expected her to go first 🙂

      1. Yes, just in case…😁

  4. Speaking of the background butts: the little Asian girl is cute

  5. I stand corrected on the T&A comment. Thank you the generous views, and terrific artwork. Now, lets get all those lovely ladies out safely, shall we?

    1. Thank you for your kind words!

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