Chapter 21, page 19 – escaping Riuthon

Through the time portal they go, where they'll end up, Sariel knows...

14 thoughts on “Chapter 21, page 19 – escaping Riuthon

  1. ‘Where’ they’ll end up? Not ‘when’?

    1. good point, where or when…

      1. Or both, both is good

    2. Gah! I’m remembering a Rodgers and Hart song, “Where or When”, from “Babes in Arms”, which was overly popular on the radio in the 1950s

      1. Yes! I hear Sinatra singing it, “but I can’t remember where or when…”

        1. Pff. Sinatra did a cheap cover. Peggy Lee did this with the Benny Goodman Trio in 1941.
          Then, there was that Babe, Lena Horne….
          Eric Hines

  2. “Quickly, up the stairs! They can’t have gone far!!”

    1. 😂

  3. Shouldn’t carapices be carapaces?
    If they were talking about their exoskeleton, I mean.

    1. Absolutely! Thank you

  4. I liked the original popup warning better. The blurred background was more…titillating.
    Eric Hines

    1. Darn automatic updates — I never changed the parameters of the warning — but you’re right, more titillating when you can see a little blurry something…

  5. I find myself remembering the old Looney Tunes – back when they were funny. Especially the dog chasing after Bugs Bunny …

    “Which way did they go? Which way did they go?”

    At least they didn’t take a wrong turn at Albequerque … (hopefully)

    1. I loved those old looney tunes – as well as the old tom and jerrys and tex avery cartoons. unconsciously channeled here!

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