Chapter 21, page 15 – Walking to the gate

The Prince bares his soul and tells Tirin all about his harem gal, Cadence.

18 thoughts on “Chapter 21, page 15 – Walking to the gate

  1. Heh, that was an evil “gift” the Emperor got. First it was pleasant to think of these harem girls, eventually the thoughts change to “Damn, I wish I didn’t fall to them … oh crap, not again …”

    1. it was evil – kind of feel bad for him

  2. Haven’t we met Cadence? Or at least, PeeTee did
    And fairly sure all the bitches who ‘dealt’ with Empy managed to get away (except for one? think PeeTee got her)

    1. Cadence was not in the old timeline — Tirin has not met her yet…

      1. She wasn’t one of Flynn’s Flunkies? The one’s responsible for Empy’s ‘bionic dick’?

    2. Page 33 – Panels 4 through 7, is my guess as to what Cadence looks like.

      1. Which chapter?

        1. Chapter 20, Page 33 – Darsin’s choice – the lady with the funky makeup that mentally affects Darsin from calling for help.

        2. 👍 😁

        3. Oh, her
          Always someone fucking with the Time, leaving Tirin to unfuck it… again

        4. Yup, that is Tirin’s lot in life (original Tirin Prime has an easier life now)

  3. Ah, I just noticed Trina’s bikini stripes (Panel 3). She, as android, has human skin which darkens under the sun? Or was the skin “painted” this way?

    1. Yet another option Billy added – tannable skin – but no chance of sunburn – 😁

  4. Regarding the invotive: TirTeen is lucky she’s not sitting on the stalk (or maybe that’s for later?)

    And that bucket is gonna have to be burnt in a holy-fire!!

    1. 😂

      1. And, finally, a hairstyle that suits her new body

  5. Princeling is still wearing his glowing jewelry. The hand-held Siri device couldn’t unlock/disable them?
    Not the sort of thing I’d want to take back to my side of the portal while they’re still live. Or not transferred to the necks and wrists of the two trolls.
    Eric Hines

    1. My sentiments exactly (addressed on next page 😁)

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