Chapter 21, page 14 – that’s classified

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17 thoughts on “Chapter 21, page 14 – that’s classified

  1. Shut up if you don’t want another shiner!

    1. 😂

  2. He, the Prince of the universe noticed fast that his first answer was wrong.

    Eh, he still wears a collar. Could that lead to a disaster *thinks about TotalRecall* ?

    1. What collar disaster was in ‘TotalRecall’? Do you mean the original (where they travel to Mars) or the shitty remake?

      1. Ah, I think I have mistaken two of Arnie’s movies … the one I meant is “Running Man”, with the exploding collars.
        “Total Recall” is the Mars one, yes, the closest thing which exploded to a collar there was the fake woman face mask.

        1. Love both movies!

        2. And they duplicated the explodey collars in Star Trek Discovery

  3. He started to seem like a decent hyu-mon… until panel six and he reverted back to Prince Arsehole

    1. Actually, wondering if maybe the caring hyu-mon is the real deal and the Prince Arsehole is just what he puts on to face the galaxy
      Can’t really fake that degree of caring, specially when you are getting nothing out of it

      1. Good point!

  4. Oh, thought there had been another unconscious girl near Lizard Bitch, turns out to be Trilordian (was wondering why the skin look ‘odd’)

  5. Trina’s snub little nose is growing on me. She’s adorable. Especially with the fucked-up robot voice.

    1. 😁👌

  6. He can declassify things just by thinking it. He doesn’t have to file any kind of paperwork, certainly not talk to the Imperial Archives. 😛

    1. Yes, he sure can!

  7. A thought occurs to me re your popup.
    If you didn’t blur the background, but left it completely clear and visible instead, we’d have an easier time deciding whether we were over 18 or not.
    Eric Hines

    1. The background isn’t blurred…

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