Chapter 21, page 13 – don’t worry, your highness, you won’t suffer

The tables have turned on Lord Durminat, but will Reny be ok?  Will Trina's voicebox get fixed?  When will the gals finally put on some clothes?

10 thoughts on “Chapter 21, page 13 – don’t worry, your highness, you won’t suffer

  1. So this is kind of an energy loop? Sex energy sucked from Lord Durminat and given back to him?
    Ugh, this could last a loooooong time, even when there are losses in the process and Durminat eventually gets hungry or thirsty.

    As for Reny – Tirin still has healing magic?

    Trina’s voicebox can either be repaired or exchanged. But will she have the same voice then?

    As for the clothing – as soon as the girls get onboard – they will have at least two men around.

    1. her energy will be siphoned back to her chair – if anyone decides to sit in it they’ll get a nice buzz 😁

  2. They are not going to just leave her like that, right?

    1. I assume Trina will not pass Lord D. without doing something; even if she is an android she has a personality and Lord D. doesn’t really go as someone she’s not allowed to harm.

  3. what about that poor lady stuck in the machine behind Norg in panel 5?

    1. That’s Brunie. We don’t talk about Brunie. 😉

      1. Except, you just did…

  4. It ain’t over. I see the problem.

    1. The bitch is still alive?

      1. That’s at the root of it. You might say there’s still an exploit she can hack.

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