Chapter 22, page 11 – Sextilium for eliminatus

11 thoughts on “Chapter 22, page 11 – Sextilium for eliminatus

  1. It IS for a good cause. They’re Shootin’ fer the Moon! Figuratively, of course.

  2. Wait, they had the Time Bitch, and they let her get away!?

    1. Tirin asked Sariel to prepare a time gate, anticipating to go back in time to the spot where Norg saw Cadence, but Norg was concerned that if they nick Cadence at that spot, that could prevent Billy from being “cured.” Sariel said they could always try to cure Billy themselves, but it might be tough. As Sariel prepares the gate, they keep watching Billy’s journal to see what other times Cadence pops up (there may be other points where they can go back in time to get her).

      1. Lets hope she did no damage in that brief appearance. Only Norg could see it. And, I can certainly understand why Billy’s sensory nerves went berserk!

        1. hee hee

      2. Aren’t they still watching the same porn show though?
        Shouldn’t they have had the gate pre-prepared? Just needing to wait to enter the Time Co-ordinates

        You are the Author, and you know what you are doing, so these comments aren’t directed at you, just comments on the action (or inaction) of the characters 🙂

        1. Thank you, keep the comments coming (I love reading them!) Comments have been known to change the trajectory of this comic more than once!

  3. Love how this fills in info missing from the Patreon.

    1. Glad you’re liking it!

    2. I bet not as much as Loretta likes how Billy’s filling her!

  4. Either one of them could sure as Hell cure a dry spell.

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