Chapter 23, page 26 – hoping for a peaceful year

Extra page before New Year's - kinda expresses how I feel plus I'm currently sick with a dang respiratory illness.  The next page may not be until a couple of weeks - we'll see.  Anyways, thanks to everyone for continuing to read and support Merceneiress!

13 thoughts on “Chapter 23, page 26 – hoping for a peaceful year

  1. Such tasty arses about to get bitten by fate 😛

  2. Wait, isn’t PeeTee seeing to Wendy right now? Heh, speaking of fate biting cute arses, that encounter would be fun to see 🙂

    1. Yes, original Tirin Prime is with her own Wendy in the far away dimension. The Wendy in this timeline is the one Frilengo had been feeding off of (the one who knows Reny as the sexual therapist)

      1. Oh right, completely forgot about this Wendy 🙁

  3. Gotta love how she still thinks she has any place or right deciding if Billy, much less Tirina, are uP tO sHeNaNiGaNs. You lost the right to any and everything when you ghosted him. Not giving a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut if your shoulder bitch fucked him up. stfu.

    1. You believe Billy-boy was an innocent victim? You do know that Trina was created to be an obedient sex-toy replacement for Tirteen, right?
      And then, when Tirteen still didn’t come running back to him, he went into a dangerous part of town believing that his status in the Court would get him where he wanted, and had upgraded his sex-toy into a killing machine to deal with anyone who wouldn’t bow to him
      Billy was, and always will be, a petulant boy forever chasing after Tirteen

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    I was delighted and surprised to see a bonus strip. Thank you!

    That’s a peaceful way to end the year; gazing aimlessly at the stars with your closest friend someplace warm enough for you to walk around barefoot in oversized comfy pajama shirts.

    May the new year bring you and the gentlebeings of Merceneiress peace, prosperity, inspiration, and wellness. Lots of wellness.
    Wishing you a full and speedy recovery. Get well soon!

    1. thank you and well wishes to you also! Yes, lots and lots of wellness too! 😁

  5. As they say in the military, “Hope is not a strategy.”

    1. Yup, as soon as they said it…here it comes…

  6. I love reading this strip and am going to start again from the beginning as it will almost be like a new story. Thank You!
    But seeing the incentive, I can’t help thinking: “Damn the Torpedoes, Full Steam AHEAD!”

    1. Thank you! and yes regarding the incentive, perfect for our pair 😁

    2. Well, things will be getting ‘steamy’ soon enough 😉

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