Chapter 23, page 27 – Sariel’s way of unwinding

Sariel let's it all hang out in the privacy of her room and tinkers on a little project she's been working on in her spare time...

9 thoughts on “Chapter 23, page 27 – Sariel’s way of unwinding

  1. Interesting. Why would someone care about infection rates, but not mortality? It can only mean they have a use for a high infection rate and simply don’t care how many die as a side effect.

    1. Who said anything about mortality?
      And yes, often a high infection rate can lead to a cure (depending on what Sar is up to)

      1. If she cared about it, she would have asked. Obviously doesn’t care about it.

        1. Maybe this HEV is designed to have such a low mortality rate she assumes it’s 0 in this trial population. Of course, that would be an assumption which could come back to haunt her, and if it did, this wouldn’t be the first work I read where someone tried to make an innocuous but highly contagious disease, only to find out to their chagrin that they had created a highly deadly, highly contagious disease instead, and if they’d only looked at their test data more closely, they’d have known before the population they cared about were suffering and dying from it.

      2. Mortality is kind of implied if HEV stands for Human Extinction Virus.

        1. Thought it was called ‘HEX Virus’

  2. There’s nothing like a comfortable, undisturbed working environment.

  3. Initially, though ‘Angie’ was a lost love that Sar was thinking of, but then realized she is the computer (and no, nothing needs to be changed to make it ‘clearer’ 🙂 )

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    Is this Sariel handling the virus like Tirin said, or is this the origin of the Tirin Clone Wars?
    Will Sariel give the order to, ‘Execute Order 69’?
    Is Cadence and her ‘Bad Batch’ actually the lesser (least?) of the evils?
    Will Tirin and Reny really walk away and say, “Not my circus, not my 12 monkeys.”?

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