Chapter 23, page 28 – wait, what kind of virus?

13 thoughts on “Chapter 23, page 28 – wait, what kind of virus?

  1. Ex-tinc-tion. It’s only a harmless extinction virus. Shut it up.

  2. Ooo, she’s gonna think Sari is responsible for the HEX Virus, and do something stupid that releases it into the wild…

    1. This makes me think Sariel *is* responsible for the virus.
      Such things always start as a “side project” …

      1. Considering she’s only doing this because she was told to find a way to stop it…
        Or was she already doing this before the ‘chat’ with the mutt?

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    Oh noes! It’s Sophie’s Choice again.
    Oh yes! The snarkiest woman in the multiverse returns!
    (Search the archives for chapter 15, page 26.)

  4. Hmm, Sariel is REALLY out if she didn’t wake up from being hauled to the floor.
    Seems a bit off…

    1. That dark grey is her bed (we saw it last page)

      1. Either way, most folks don’t sleep THAT soundly, unless they are either drugged or UTTERLY exhausted.

        1. Some people do, and she is clearly exhausted as well

        2. Sariel is seemingly very tired and Sophie was good at plopping her onto the bed (sorry, should have made it more apparent it was a bed not the floor). Sophie’s a pro at moving people to bed πŸ™‚ from her bordello days (I know the “CAST” page is largely neglected, but Sophie’s brief summary there talks about her previous experience). Sariel has not had much sleep trying to find Tirin and company and then dealing with Cadence. So seemingly, she is tired (as is Tirin) — or is there indeed something off? πŸ™‚

        3. No, you showed the bed last page, no need to make any changes
          And stop being a tease πŸ˜›

        4. πŸ˜‚she’s just really, really tired

    2. I think she is only studying it. In order to be able to defeat your enemy it is vital to know it. The more you know about your enemy, the better are your chances on winning the battle. In order to know it you have to study it.
      Though I admit: jumping to wrong conclusions is easy in such matters.

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