Chapter 24 Cover

8 thoughts on “Chapter 24 Cover

  1. Wendy and Reny (Rendy?) teaming up? Things are gonna get messy (and sticky)

    1. 😂

  2. But why is Wendy wearing half-wiffle balls over her booba area?

    1. In the future, they find that half wiffle balls provide aerodynamic breast protection. When treated with lacquer they make breasts practically invincible and they become heavily used in various mma matches 😁

      1. Nice adjustment for her puppy noses….
        Eric Hines

        1. Looks like they are still poking through 😛

        2. haha, I forgot to turn the nipple morph off, but left it like that — Wendy’s whiffle-balls are perfectly fitted for her and her only

      2. That’s what ah thought it was for, and, she’s even wearing the chick-box for extra protection (not just men who are vulnerable when kicked between the up-rights 😛 )

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